Purple asparagus of Albenga can even be eaten raw due to its very sweet taste!


Asparagus cultivation dates back 2000 years: from the valley of Eden it spread to Egypt, Asia Minor and across the Mediterranean from Greece until it arrived in Ancient Rome. Picking the white bud before it bloomed was a practice that only seemed to gain traction in the 18th century. In Italy asparagus is mainly grown in the northeast, especially in the Veneto region. There are several varieties such as common, bitter, wild, marine, spiky and ‘di Pastor’ asparagus.

Cook it

Due to their delicate flavor, asparagus can be enjoyed either as a side dish (boiled, grilled or stir-fried) or as a seasoning for pasta and risotto. Asparagus cream and spreads are excellent on a slice of toasted bread.

Did You Know That?

The Badoere Veneto asparagus has received the PGI certificate and in the municipality of Morgano, every May 1st, there is the Provincial Exhibition of Asparagus.