Bivona peach

The IGP peach with a sweet and aromatic taste and a unique fragrance!


Also known as Monagnola, Bivona peach had origin in the namesake city, Bivona, near Agrigento in Sicily. The firsts peach orchards developed during the 50’s thanks to spontaneous mutations stated in the San Matteo area and from that moment on this variety spread all over the city and in the whole ‘Valle dei Platani’, occupying 70% of the local production. This peach tree ripens from the end of June but its fruits can be picked from august till the end of September. Since it is a very peculiar fruit, it obtained from the EU the IGP and DOP certification and it is a product safeguarded by the Taste Arch, Slow Food.

Cook It

This peach has a yellow color, full of veining and shades going from pink to red. The strong fragrance and the extreme sweetness give this fruit a unique taste that differentiates this variety from all the other ones present in Italy. It is delicious if eaten raw, and thanks to the effort of local producer it is now easy to find this peach in supermarkets. But it also can be used to prepare jams, marmalades and ice creams. A fanciful recipe? Try peach in the oven with nuts and ice cream!

Did you know

Every year there is a celebration in August for this fruit in the city of Bivona, and this year will be the XXXI edition. There, you can find unique products like peaches in red wine, ice cream and marmalade. Thanks to this fruit, the town is now known as “city of peaches”. Also, it was a protagonist during Expo 2015, to represent the unicity of its taste.