Sale di sedano: sano e facile da fare, perfetto per il Bloody Mary!


Celery belongs to the Ombrelliferous famous, just like carrots, fennel and parsley. Popular starting in the XVI century, first in Italy and then in Greece, France, Spain and later in England and Germany, today it is cultivated in all the warm areas of the world. It is used raw or cooked to season sauces and soups, according to local food traditions.

Cook It

Fundamental for sauteeing, (together with carrots and onions) to prepare and excellent sauce or broth. It is an ingredient known for its rich nutritional and detoxing properties and today it is commonly used together with other raw vegetables for aperitifs and finger food.

Did You Know That?

Il succo di sedano è un ottimo tonificante, ravviva la pelle ed è un rimedio naturale contro i reumatismi.