Dry skin? Seeds and cucumbers juice for a perfect hydration!


Cucumber is a vegetable belonging to the Cucurbitacee family and originating from the tropical area of Asia. Even if its precise origins are not 100% certain, it seems that the first wild cultivation of this veggie are from 5000 years ago, at the foot of the Himalaya. In the Mediterranean area it came with the Egyptians and then it went to Greeks and Romans, who appreciated it particularly for the refreshing and thirst-quenching properties, not to talk about the fact that it seemed to stimulate intelligence. Right now, it is cultivated in many hot-moderate areas, like Italy, where the harvest period is between June and September.


Cucumber had a very fresh and delicate taste, few calories and diuretic properties. Perfect to make summer dishes like salads and smoothies, and if you are following a low-calories diet. Ideal as a cold pureed soup with mint and white yogurt, perfect to make a marmalade to be eaten with seasoned cheeses. Try it raw as a starter with pears, mint and toasted pine nuts! Put some oil, salt, pepper and a pinch of lemon!

Did you know

In his work Naturalis Historia, Pliny the Elder tells that the Roman emperor Tiberius was so mad for cucumbers that he decided to build expansive greenhouses that he could transport on two wheels. By doing so, he was sure to always have the best exposure to the sun and repair from the winter and he was able to have cucumbers all year long!