Hazelnut cream: a spoon of it and you can open paradise’s doors.


Hazelnut is the fruit of the hazelnut tree. They are very small and have a pherical shape enclosed in a hard and woody shell. It belongs in the dry fruits category, more precisely to the oilseeds one. The origins of this fruit are European. They are widely cultivated in Italy (expecially in the regions of Piedmont and Lazio), Turkey, Spain and France.

Cook it

Hazelnuts can be eaten by themselves but are often used in desserts like nougat and chocolate. In Italy they are the main ingredient of the “Alassio’s kiss” and of “ugly but good”. Don’t understimate the potential of this ingredient! It is good in savoury dishes too. It is good in sauces and it combines well with fat and strong tastes, like bacon. Hazelut are a good source of energy for breakfast and they are also great when added to muesli.

Did you know that?

The symbol of Euscapio, God of Medicine, is a stick with wings with two snakes twisted on it. This represents the equilibrium between good and evil and how intelligence can overcome material needs. Apparenty that stick comes from a hazelnut tree which was considered very healthy in the past.