The king of exotic fruit is also Made in Italy.


Mango is an exotic fruit with a very scented and tasty pulp, belonging to the Anacardiaceous family. It comes originally from Asia, India, and it has been cultivated since ancient times, for more than 4.000 thousands years. Today, there are about 400 different species. On European tables, it came with the Portuguese in 1600 and they have been the ones naming it manga. It is cultivated in all tropical areas and it is available all year long. In Italy? There are cultivations in Sicily and Calabria. Here, the fruitification period is very short, 6/7 weeks between August and September, till mid-October.


Mango is a sweet fruit, but be careful, eat it ripe, because it can be a bit sour. Thanks to it sugary taste, it’s perfect to be consumed naturally or in a smoothie, but it can also be used to prepare desserts or savory dishes, especially to prepare fish! It sweet and pleasantly acid taste, it never overcomes the flavor of fish, but it enhances the one of crustaceous and mollusk. Perfect to accompany a delicate tuna carpaccio with lime juice and peanuts.

Did you know

An Indian legend indicates mango tree as the residence of Kama, the God of Love, who’s flower shaped arrows cause love to the people hit by them. And how can we not celebrate something so sacred? Yes, mango has its own celebration! From March to June, it’s ripening period, the Indian city of Ahmedabad is full of stands and colors to honor the magic fruit.