In the fridge in a humid cloth, that´s how you keep parsley.


Parsley (Petroseinum crispum) is one of the most grown plants around the world. Its origin is very controversial: some says it comes from the mediterranean regions and some says Western Asia. It was used by Greeks and Romans as a prize for olympic winners and poets. It is known for its digestive and anti aging properties due to the high level of minerals, vitamins and fibers it contains.

Cook It

Its bright and beautiful green color and strong rich aroma make parsley the perfect final touch to many dishes. It’s fantastic both in the preparation of sauces and to enrich fish and side dishes. Lemon and parsley can uplift many recipes with a final touch of color, fragrance and freshness. Its the fundamental ingredient for green sauce, a must in “lesso” (boiled meat) in Piedmont, easy to make and super tasty.

Did You Know That?

Parsley is known for its incredible healing and digestive properties. It is a powerful anti-aging ingredient and it can also be of help in case of bad-breath.