Pepper (spice)

Moody? Pepper lifts up like nothing else!


Pepper comes from India and arrived in Europe over 2500 years ago, where it had immediate and huge success. Not only it was used for cookingor preserving food, but also as a treatment because of its stimulating effects on the digestive system and on the metabolism in general. Pepper was one of the best known and used spices in the Middle Ages and its import business enriched first Venice and then Portugal.

Cook it

Pepper, along with salt, is the king of dressing. No dish is complete without a nice sprinkle of pepper, with its pungent taste that brings any dish to a whole different level. It is often used and mixed with other spices, to preserve and cure meats and cuts.

Did you Know that

The distinction among green, black and white pepper is based on the ripness of the fruit and on dessication. Pink pepper, also known as “false pepper” is given by another plant, similar to the black pepper one for shape and taste, but better to be consumed in small portions because it is slightly toxic.