Grigliata? Patate cotte nella cenere: gusto unico, minimo sforzo!


Potatoes are starchy tuberous that initially grown only in Central America. It was introduced in Europe only in the XVI century and it spread rapidly all over the continent because it grows in poor soil contitions with a low maintenance nesessity. It was particularly succesful in Ireland, where along with milk it was a basic aliment to have. During the great irish famine of 1663, the coltures were unetable. It was discovered that this tuberous is and wasparticularly sensible to bacterias. They tried to solve the problem with pesticides, natural and chemicals.

Cook It

Potatoe is an incredibly versatile ingredient that can be cooked and served in many different ways. It is mainly served as a side dish and they can be fried, boiled, mashed or roasted. They are also used as an ingredient for many recipes. They are used to make dumplings, meatballs, meatloaves, casseroles nad vegetable soups just to mention a few. Watch out! If you don´t eat potatoes after you cooked them, don´t keep them in the fridge but outside. Why? Because starch becomes sugar, creating a substance that can potentially be dangerous.

Did you Know That?

Raw potatoes, sliced or grated, are a natural remedy for nasty sunburns. It´s enough to apply some slices or juice on the affected and sore areas and let it work its magic for at least half an hour. Remember not to eat them raw! Also, here´s some “not so basic” rule: don´t cook them if you see they started blooming or they are slightly green