The most common and used part of the radish is the root, that has a delicate prickly taste!


Radish is an herbaceous plant belonging to the Crucifere and Brassicaceae family and it has Asian origins. Already known 3thousands years ago in China, it was cultivated by Greeks and Romans, and it then spread all over the Mediterranean. In Italy, is cultivated especially in Lazio, Campania and there IS a variety in Torino too. It is picked form March till September. There are also different varieties: Cherry Belle and Saxa, round and red, Candela di Ghiaccio, white and oblong. How to choose the best radish? The leaves need to be bright and intense!


The prickly taste and the crunchy consistency of the radish make this ingredient perfect to be eaten raw for oil dip, salads, as a side dish with meat and fish and in a smoothie. Perfect cooked too, to make soups and to give more taste to French omelets. Radish leaves are also very tasty, you can boil them or steam them and then eat them with a bit of oil and lemon!

Did you know

In Japan there is a radish variety called Daikon, that is 4 meters long and weights 4 kg! It has many diuretic and detox properties: it helps the liver and the kidneys while helping us digest fat foods. It was anciently used by doctors as a remedy for anxiety. A natural tranquilizer that, thanks to B vitamin helps our sleep.