Smoked salmon: red king of the pacific, guaranteed taste.


Fresh and salt water bonyfish typical of warm and cold north atlantic seas, totally absent in the mediterranean sea. Salmon has a particular colors that goes from orange to red. The color is due to the presnce of carotenoid pigments accumulated in the body of the fish as a consequence of the diet made up of kril and shell fish. A good part of imported salmon in Italy arrives from Norway, and to a lesser degree from other north european countries and chile.


First courses, skewers or simply grilled, salmon is one of the richest and tastiest foods for both its antioxidant properties (thanks to presence of Omega 3) and its adaptabiity. Excellent also raw, it can be used in japanese cooking for sushi and sashimi.

Did you Know That?

The best part of salmon it is without a dought the middlepart. Fresh salmon has a delicate and pleasent smell, a brilliant appearance and compact meat that doesn’t have any red striping. The gils must be pinkish and the bulging eye with a black pupill, not red.