Perfect fry? Quick jump in flour and a splash in oil!


Squids are cephalopods mollusks, that live in cold waters on sandy sea beds. In italian, their name resemble the name inkwell, because as octopuses and cuttlefishes, they defend themselves by using ink. Squids vary in dimensions, and this influence the ways you can cook them too.

Cook it

Little squids can be cooked fried or stewed while the biggest ones are cooked stuffed, stewed or in the oven. Before cooking them, it is necessary to remove their bone and their eyes. If you don´t want them to be chewy, there are two ways of cooking them: for a very short time (3-5 minutes) or for a very long time (30-40 minutes), both with low fire.

Did you Know that

Tattler belongs to the same family as squid, but is bigger and less valuable. Careful if you buy them pre cut! once they have the ring shape, it´s impossible to recognise them.