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Walnuts are nut par excellence. Its scientific name is Junglans regia, and is native to Asia Minor, whose cultivation spread all over Europe and in all temperate climates. During the second century A.C., the physician Galen confirmed its properties as an astringent and as an energetic ingredient.


Walnuts are considerably used in Milan and Trentino for stuffing especially chicken. They are also the key ingredient in many traditional sauces such as “avije” sauce, better know as “delle api” sauce in Piedmont and as an accompaignment to the famous pansotti in Liguria. Walnuts are also used to prepare incredible liquors like nocino.

Did you know that

Walnuts are an immense source of unsatured fats, vitamin E, folic acid and magnesium. They also help fight menstrual pain. The decoction of walnut leaves helps in the treatment of diabetes, gout and obesity, not to mention the oil extracted from the green hull protects the skin from sunlight!