Pineberry strawberry

The white strawberry that tastes like pineapple. Perfect for eating fresh. Origin When we think of strawberries we usually imagine ...

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Watermelon radish

An heirloom vegetable with a brilliant color and a unique flavor. Try them raw with ginger Origin An heirloom variety ...

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The exotic fruit with bright red skin and a sweet flavor. Try them fresh on their own. Origin Rambutan is ...

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Green zebra tomato

It has hints of lemon-lime flavor and is excellent eaten raw! Origin It might look like something from a Pixar ...

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Lautrec pink garlic

A sweet yet bold aroma that’s less aggressive. It even passes the kiss test. Origin This is an elegant product, ...

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Romanesco artichoke

A tender variety with no spikes, noted for the traditional recipe “alla romana”. Origin Autumn is the season of healthy ...

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Lamb’s lettuce

Lamb’s lettuce is perfect for a refreshing summer salad. Try with golden apples and walnuts. Origin The scientific name of ...

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Garden cress

An uncommon herb: with its peppery flavor, garden cress sauce pairs well with fresh cheeses. Origin Garden cress is one ...

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Pink asparagus

Pink asparagus of Mezzago is a local delicacy that brings together tradition and territory. Origin Pink asparagus of Mezzago is ...

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