Wild berries that purify your skin.


Currant belongs to the Grossulariacee family and it can be picked from June till September. It seems that its origins are from Arabia and there it was very used by the population to make thirst-quenching beverages and to cure tuberculosis. It spread rapidly throughout all Europe when Arabs went to Spain. Today it grows in the northern hemisphere of the world and in Europe it is cultivated in Poland, Germany and Holland.


With its sweet, a bit sour taste and its refreshing properties, currant is a very versatile fruit. Ideal to prepare marmalades, jellies or to be combined with fresh cheeses. Currants juice is excellend to flavor wines and vinegars and in French people make a liquor with this fruit, Crème de Cassis. Besides, the acidity level it has balances the fats of meats and fishes, this is why currants are perfect to make main dishes. A must to try? Salmon with thyme and lemon!

Did you know

Currant is full of properties, especially A vitamin, that help protect the skin from time and pollutants. It also has diuretic properties, so it is very good for people suffering from rheumatism.