Deliveroo launches Marketplace+ and sets sights on restaurants

Deliveroo is now making Marketplace + available to restaurants. Everyone has their favorite foods, and we want to deliver it ...

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The Foodora example: dignity decree changing food delivery

Quella che filtra è una demonizzazione della tecnologia che ha dell’incredibile, quasi medievale e in contraddizione con lo spirito modernista ...

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Boom in Millennial Farmers

We’re giving farmers the opportunity to make their own 360° videos and to reach out to the world in a ...

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How italians feel at the table… Is technology a real opportunity?

“The world of food communication is changing for both restaurateurs, who need digital presence and visibility, and diners, who need ...

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Food and Virtual Reality: From Guinness to Fruity Pebbles. What’s next?

It’s estimated that the virtual reality market is currently worth about 2.7 billion dollars, and by 2020, global earnings should ...

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Instagram kit and social menu: The rise of restaurant 4.0

What do unicorn-flavored ice cream, bizarre blue eggs and a hamburger oozing cheesy fondue have in common? Well, they’re all ...

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Team Building at the table: companies looking to food for bonding

Italy excels at good food, and every self-respecting Italian knows that sitting at the table is about so much more ...

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Urban and Vertical farming: Zero Kilometer food for the cities of the future

The world’s population is growing: it’s estimated that by the middle of the century there will be 9.7 billion people, ...

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Millennials and Food: The eating revolution between quality and sharing

Food news and specific knowledge about where our food comes from are no longer for niche users. Millennials are becoming ...

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