Detox juice: mix kale with fruit, lemon juice and mint!


Kale is part of the crucifere family and is one of the most nutriend and healthy vegetable for the organism. Not much about its origins is known, but it is sure that Cosimo III De Medici, penultimate Grand Duke of Tuscany, at the beginning of the 18th century received as a gift a couliflower from the Arezzo area. It is a vegetable that has its origins in Tuscany and it is used to prepare “ribollita”. The thick leaves of this variety are often found in a dark color and with veins that, at first, can appear as if covered by bubbles.

Cook It

Typical veggie of the tuscan cusine, kale is very versatile and it is used especially for soups. Boiled, sauteed, seasoned with a bit of lemon and salt, it is the perfect side dish that matches with both meat and fish. Ideal to make sauces, rolls and creamy soups. Unlike other vegetables, kale remains “al dente” even if boiled.

Did You Know That?

Kale is full of vitamins and to keep them, it is necessary not to cook this vegetable for a long time. A bit of water and for no longer than 15/20 minutes. Best thing would be steam it, so that its properties will remain intact.