Flour: a magic ingredient in the hands of 4 food blogger

Flour is not just an ingredient. It is the structure behind many many recipes, the cement that binds and strengthens, a tireless worker essential for your company. It always has a different smell, shape and sometimes color, too. It is cosmopolitan and can live anywhere, because it is able to speak in any language. It has no religion and no party, and it can fit in starred kitchens or in farm kitchens.

Here you find 4 food blogs that know how to value this ingredient. They will make you discover new and old tastes and will make you want to try out something new… ready to knead?

Pastry Affair: from physics to patisserie

Kristin is a physicist. For many years she was surrounded by numbers but something was missing. She went on a journey to find a creative ploy to avoid equations and found it in the pastry world. Her blog “Pastry Affair” is a journey through butter and flour, looking for the perfect dessert. But there’s also room for bread and leavened food… it’s easy to be fascinated by her beautiful pictures and explore her recipes. Take a cup of flour and try her delicious muffins with zucchini and a hint of lemon!

Chiarapassion: between kitchen and socials

“Tasty fashion”, Enrica is a passionate food blogger. Her cookbook is full, and goes from starters to desserts. But the articles she dedicates to pasta, bread and sweets are numerous and this is a symptom of unconditional love. So there is a whole section dedicated to leavened food, pies, sponge cakes, muffins and more. Why don’t you try making the very inviting pumpkin bread? Once ready, take a picture, post it on Instagram with the hashtag #chiarapassion. Already thousands of users have shared their creations!

Apt 2B, Baking Co: mix of cultures

Of Iranian origin, Yossy Arefi is a young and very glam baker in New York. She has dedicated her life to ovens, trying new tastes, realizing a seducing mixture of oriental and western tastes. She is a pro when it comes to cooking and working means passion for her. Reflex in her hands, for 5 years she has been sharing her recipes on “Apt 2B” through very evocative pictures. If you read the one about crumbly cookies with ricotta it seems like you can smell the fresh perfume of cheese around the house…

“Con le mani in pasta”: half chef and half peasant

This food blog has a very country aftertaste, a bit like its creator. In her posts, Manuela recalls in her country life, her passion for farming, fruits and the land. Self-production is the key for a different life, healthier and also more relaxed. “Con le mani in pasta” (in english “floury hands”) is not just a food blog, but the expression of a lifestyle. For each recipe there is a song, which sets the mood and indicates the evocative road that leads to flour. Try and follow the path to yeast, who knows, your life might change…


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