Healthy and delicious: chocolate bars with Himalayan salt!


The origin of the word chocolate comes from Maya, when is was common to warm chocolate with hot water. It spread quickly in all Center and South America. This drink was often flavoured with Vanilla, chilli and pepper. Anyhow, it is thanks to Aztec that we know have chocolate bar, they were the firsts to make it! Chocolate came to Europe with Cristopher Columbus and Herman Cortes in 1500. Thanks to Spanish, it spread throughout the whole continent. Still thanks to them we add now sugar and no more chilli and pepper to hot chocolate. During the XIX century, technical development made possible to have chocolate bars as we intend them now a day and this also brought to the development of different varieties like milk and dark chocolate.

Cook It

Chocolate is mainly used to prepare sweets and desserts. It can be eaten in its solid version and in the liquid, melted one to make ganaches, icings or simply hot chocolates.

Did You Know That?

The ancient Aztec recipe is the base of the chocolate made in Modica, Sicily. A unique taste, flavored with different aromas, the big brother of all chocolate bars.