Candied fruit

Healthy snack? Candied fruit and bye bye candies!


Candying is a very old method to preserve food. Consist in immerging some food in a sugar syrup for a prolonged time. The forerunners of this technique were the arabs, thanks to the Ottoman domination is southern Europe, this method was quickly picked up by the rest of the continent during the XVI Century. Particularly in all italian regions candying became very important and still now a day we have proves of it with two typical desserts: Panettone from Milan and Cassata from Sicily.

Cook It

Candied fruit is used expecially in the preparation of sweets and desserts. They can be eaten alone – candied orange peel is a typical Christmas snack – or as an ingredient in any recipe. It is the fundamental ingredient in desserts like Panettone and Cassata.

Did You Know That?

This method is well known to preserve and to enrich fruit, but did you know that romans used candying to preserve fish?