Dip candied citron peel in melted chocolate, Yummy!


This fruit, bigger if compared to other citruses and with a typical green/yellow color, has its origind in Himalaya, and it was the first citrus to be known and coltivated. It came in Europe during the II and III century B.C. and for many centuries was only used to repel insects. Only a couple of centuries after it will be used and considered as food. Today citron is mainly coltivated in Calabria, in an area called Citron Riviera, in India, Indonesia, Middle East, Australia, Brasil and USA.

Cook it

Citron’s peel is very thick and make 70% of the total composition of the fruit. For this reason, the best way to use this fruit is to candy the peel. But you can make many other things out of this fruit like liquors, marmelades and drinks.

Did you Know that

Did you know that the main reason why citron is coltivated is because it is mostly used for pharmaceutical purposes and to make essential oils?