Let fennel shape you! Is ideal in detox diets!


Fennel is a plant originally from the Mediterranean area, especially in Greece, where it was called “marathon” since it used to grow in the area of Marathon, where there was the famous battle between Athens and Persia. After that, it spread rapidly thanks to its digestive properties in the Middle East and India. During the Middle Ages, fennel was considered a food with miraculous properties, able to defeat witchcrafts. It was used as fodder and the name fennel comes from the Latin word foeum, hay. Its season goes from November to March.

Cook it

Fennel is always served as an oil dip and is eaten before meals since it is full of fibers and it stimulates appetites. The white part of fennel is the most used in the kitchen, raw in salads or cooked, au gratin as side dish, soup or in risotto. Fennel seeds are also used to make infusions, desserts, meat, bread and taralli. If you have problems digesting, try drink a fennel infusion!

Did you Know that?

In Italy, to say hoodwink it is said “infinocchiare”, that comes from the word fennel, and it is because apparently merchant used to hide the poor quality of wine and food thanks to the aroma of fennel seeds and stems.