Tired of garlic bread? Use onions instead of garlic!


Onions are a herbaceous plant from the Allium genus of the species cepa. Evidence of the onion’s consumption date back thousands of years to Mesopotamia, while cultivation probably first began during Egyptian times. Onions have always been an important part of the Mediterranean population’s diet, in part because of benefits that were attributed to them (purifying blood, toning muscles, curing infertility…). There are several types of onions in Italy, including the Tropea red onion, the Voghera yellow onion, and the Montoro onion. Remember that onions can also be grown in the winter time if the climate is mild enough, otherwise they’re better suited for the spring.

Cook It

Onlion, much like garlic, gives a lot of taste to savoury dishes as sauces, meat and vegetables. grinded with celery and carrots is the first step of “soffritto”, a fondamental step in the preparation of many italian dishes. Moreover, onion is the principal ingredient of a French famous soup. The red variety is mostrly eaten raw, especailly mixed with tomatoes and beans salads.

Did you know That?

The onion’s sap, in contact with eyes, becomes sulfuric acid, causing lachrymation. To avoid crying while cutting onions there is a trick: before cutting, wash quickly the onion with cold water!


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