Our Story

Imagine two young Italians–just a few of many–that decided to go to London to be exposed to new ideas and explore different possibilities. It was there in England, immersed in the scents, colors and varieties of food from all over the world, that the idea for Flick on Food was born.

Our agency Dotfarm works on digital products, enhancing communication potential through virtual reality and UX design services. Through this, a project took shape focusing on food and all its richness. Food comes down to ingredients, and it’s all the local varieties that tell the story of the land, share the culture and connect the producers of tomorrow to an international network full of food lovers and gastronomy explorers.


Flick on food was created as a mobile app, and today it’s grown into FOOD COMMERCE. It’s the first FOOD HUB in the world that creates a communication channel directly from food entrepreneurs to a market of explorers: people who are hungry to learn, travel and share.

It’s the world’s first digital product dedicated to FOOD. It’s truly multi-platform (web, mobile, augmented reality), serving producers, consumers and companies.

Flick on food is Made in Italy–it was established in Italy, celebrates the Italian territory and promotes the work of producers. But it does this with an eye to the wider world, aiming to celebrate the rich gastronomic traditions across the planet. Because the value of food is a state of being. It isn’t limited to just one region–it’s a way of life.