Seeds and Chips 2016: how far are we with Food innovation?

The event dedicated to food and tech is back, after the huge success of last year. This year from the 11th till the 14th of May Milan becomes the center of Food innovation. 4 days in which startup, food and tech companies, investors and policy makers will be able to meet. The past edition was focused on the way food is produced, transformed, consumed and told. Crucial for this year too, is how food interacts with technology.



5 big thematic areas: AG Tech, Transforming, Distribution, Health and Nutrition, Learning and Sharing. The 3d printer theme comes back, how far are we? Is its usage growing? And them the no waste theme and the food recycling one. But let’s also talk about the 4.0 restaurant and a new food experience, while we keep discussing this moment’s phenomenon: food delivery. But there is a theme that we particularly like, and it’s the agricultural one. Who is the 4.0 farmer? How can farers communicate, taking full advantage of new technologies to increase their visibility and their products’ one?


Flick on Food among the exhibitors

To also give an answer to this question, we will be there with our app “Flick on Food”, the first wiki food app in the world focused on ingredients. A food collective intelligence, where farmers are the protagonists. Thanks to Flick on Food we are giving a voice and visibility to many local farmers and their products, that often we don’t know. For example, did you know Sciacca and Ribera Wild Strawberries? Do you know where it is cultivated and that it is a Slow Food Presidium? Well British people know this, and they talked about it during a BBC program, the Ark of Tate… Or, how many of you know that Saffron has a special variety that grown just in Segni, and it is considered the red gold of our territory? And the Tardivo Mandarin from Ciaculli? It is used to prepare delicious sorbets at Grom. Varieties, curiosities, life stories, territories that find each other with our app, an international wiki food app, a place that can be describer using “Sharing” as the keyword. Through the discovery of local realities and niche ones, we give value to our origins and we get ready for the future. Marco Gaultieri in an interview reminded us about the value hat the meeting of tradition and innovation has: today, for a small producer, technology is the best possible ally… and that’s the path we are going down with our product…


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