Seeds&Chips: the first event on the evolving relation of “food & tech”

Seeds&Chips, the first event focused on the growing relation of Food and Tech is taking place in Milan on March 26th-29th. At Milano Centro Congressi the goal is to bring together and create connections between startups and investors; it’s an opportunity for innovators, companies and enthusiasts of a trend that is taking over the entire market and not limited to the catering business any more. Being a startup, we hope that the approach of both investors and innovators will be dynamic and welcoming towards the evolution of food concept, which is challenging the traditional paths and products.  Seeds&chips is taking place in Milan a month away from Expo 2015, which will focus international attention on the combination of food innovation and Made in Italy.

Food and technology

While Italy may not be a world leader regarding innovation, it most definitely is a top player in the food arena. We can’t pass on the chance Expo 2015 is offering: more and more, food means innovation and sparks inspiration for new experiences and activities.

Food is crucial in experimenting new ways of creating and connecting. So close to Expo we should concentrate on the innovation that could bring new inspiration to our sound food culture, more than rely solely on the quality and history of our products.

Seeds&Chips could be the first step, a way of exposing, introducing, describing and discussing ideas and models that are changing the way food is produced, transformed, distributed, consumed or told. But most important is the way food is interacting with technology and the unpredictable innovations that are developing from this unusual connection.

Internet of food and 3D printers

Marco Gualtieri, founder of Seeds&Chips, presenting the National Geographic food exibition points out: “As recently stated by the U.S. government, ‘food is the new frontier of technology’”. The experimental opportunities are endless and can determine diverse and unexpected outcomes. The event explores five different areas: Agriculture, Processing, Distribution, Delivery, Learning & Sharing. All these steps are key to the transformation and disribution of food, but Learning & Sharing is the area in which the food concept is expanding, with food communities, digital content and crowdfunding becoming more and more relevant.

The Internet of Food, 3D printers and social media are reshaping the nature of food, especially its appearence and interactive features. We believe our product Flick on Food can and will bring an added value to the Learning & Sharing experience, promoting a collaborative and shared knowledge. Isn’t knowledge just as important, and possibly even more so, than production and distribution?


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