The promotion of food and territory and a digital addiction

Seminars about tourism marketing in the time of web 2.0 are increasing and finding consent in the food and tourism industries. As the data collected by the Digital Innovation Observatory of the Politecnico in Milan show, in the travel related world the digital factor is gaining dominance. In fact, digital tourism in Italy grew 10% and nowadays Italians spend for digital tourism about €7 billion, which amounts to 22% of the whole expense for travles.

What we believe” says Roberta Milano, Co-founder of BTO and member of TDLab – Mibac “is that social networks are an incredible chance of promotion of tourism, but also a great means to bring together a territory”.

In other words, we need to give more importance to the social as a networking instrument online and offline. This is a clear signal that there is a better understanding of the added value that the new means created by the digital world bring to business strategies.

The new influencers: food bloggers

Regarding food, we are seeing a growing attention and care for it, starring food bloggers, who are considered the forerunners of this phenomenon which embraces photography, tourism, design, writing as well as cooking. According to a recent research by ISPO (Istituto degli Studi sull’Opinione Pubblica), food bloggers are major food purchase infuencers , thanks to their ability to engage the readers. They spread food culture and call for more conscious consumption. Food bloggers often aren’t experts of the food industry, but regular people who like cooking or gourmet who enjoy sharing their own experience.

The web has seen food talk for a while now and recipes and advice are shared through pictures, storytelling and creativity. The food blog phenomenon extends internationally and is rapidly growing in Italy, where tradition and local tastes have always been crucial.



Taste Abruzzo: the value of territory

“Taste Abruzzo, where taste meets nature” is a project originated by 9 food bloggers and their desire to share the beauty of their territory. Thanks to the digital instruments they are presenting Abruzzo to those who don’t know the region, not only through traditional recipes, but also through stories about the region’s best products and places.

The offline result of this online project is the 1st Food Contest dedicated to Christmas Holidays, which will give away a two people’s stay in Abruzzo, turning the digital stories into a tangible experience.


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