Ebay and the launch of Gusto, Made in Italy one click away

@fpugliese_conad #MadeinItaly Not only about raw material, but manufacturing, tradition and culture…
In 2013, the Vine and Gastronomy category registered +31%, in november +47%

The new section of Ebay, specifically focused on food, has options for all tastes and offers a selection of high quality, mostly Made in Italy cereals (pastas, rice, ecc), cheeses, cured meats and condiments. And the best thing is that fine food is finally starting to conquer the e-commerce world and becoming easier to get.

So eBay launches Gusto, entirely devoted to food and wine. Apparently, food and wine is the new trending item in the ecommerce world, as data from an Ipsos research show.

Right before Christmas, Gusto is a chance to appreciate Italian excellence

In the past year only, food and wine sales registered +23% and eBay decided to inaugurate Gusto right when consumers are most active: Christmas.

Claudio Raimondi, eBay Italia country manager , explains: “Considering data from 2013, food and wine registered a growth of 31% in Novembre and 47% in December, compared to the average of the previous months”. With over 265 thousand on sale, eBay points out that Gusto was born to value Italian excellence while respecting the Protocol for the protection of Dop and Igp, signed last May by the same eBay, the environment ministery and the Associazione Italiana Consorzi Indicazioni Geografiche, which last May worked alongside with Google on the project Made in Italy: Eccellenze in Digitale.

 Food and wine is the 14th category in the rank of products that registered the highest sales abroad from in 2013. With an export growth of 46%, compared to 2012.

 According to eBay, Gusto will encourage foreign trade, which has already allowed Italian sellers, in 2013, to reach 176 Countries (germany, France and the USA among the first). The success of Gusto is just another example of how fast the food trend is growing in the digital community.


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