Deliveroo launches Marketplace+ and sets sights on restaurants

Deliveroo is now making Marketplace + available to restaurants. Everyone has their favorite foods, and we want to deliver it where and when people want it.” -Matteo Sarzana, General Manager of Deliveroo Italy.

Deliveroo, Glovo, Foodora, UberEats… the delivery business continues its unstoppable growth. It’s a market that in 2017, according to data from the eCommerce b2c watchdog from the Politecnico di Milano, was already worth €201 million. But Marketplace+, Deliveroo’s latest challenge, highlights the changes and evolution of a market that should be listened to. A delivery service, in order to be able to establish itself and acquire new users, absolutely needs to integrate and diversify its offer.

Marketplace+, Deliveroo’s new challenge

If we look at the data from the first few months of 2018 alone, 4 million people in Italy used a startup delivery service to order food at home at least once a month. This habit is most prevalent among consumers in the 25-34 age bracket. The trend is increasing constantly, so much so that by 2022, food delivery platforms could generate profits of €2.5 billion. (Business Insider).
In this landscape, Deliveroo is positioned as one of the true leaders with a network of 35,000 riders around the world (2,000 in Italy). It’s launching Marketplace+ so that now not only deliveroo riders can deliver, but restaurants can too, either through their own riders or Deliveroo’s. Maybe this will help us enjoy meals from our favorite restaurants from the comfort of our own homes.

Just look at the recent agreement between the well known chef Filippo La Mantia from Oste e cuoco in Milan, and Deliveroo for home delivery of Sicilian gourmet specialties. What is Deliveroo’s goal? It’s definitely to have a unique offer with a 50%  increase in the number of restaurants available to customers. In fact, the company aims to add 1500 new restaurants by the end of the year. And what will be the major benefits for small restaurants? They’ll be able to deliver more widely and quickly: Deliveroo riders make deliveries in about 30 minutes.

Deliveroo’s integrated offer

The most important goal is to reach 3 million new customers in Italy, with such a wide and varied offer that the deliveryplatform will attract more users. The new service will be launched in Italy, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia, Hong Kong and the UAE. The first cities where the it will be active in Italy are Milan, Cagliari and Genoa.

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“Deliveroo has always offered excellent food to its customers, wherever and whenever they want it. Our goal,” says Matteo Sarzana, General Manager of Deliveroo Italy, “is to offer food at different prices, ensuring a wide range of choice and excellent service. We’re proud to have grown so quickly around the world. Deliveroo believes in innovation that will bring customers the broadest food offer. We’ve introduced new cuisines solely for delivery, ensuring excellent food in areas where it hadn’t been available. We’re investing in new concepts for restaurants to grow innovation and enterprise in the sector, and especially helping chefs of today and tomorrow.

“Today Deliveroo is going further. It offers the chance for restaurants that independently deliver food to enter our platform, take advantage of our network of riders, and at the same time increase the number of dishes that can be delivered to homes or offices. Deliveroo is now making Marketplace + available to restaurants. Everyone has their favorite foods, and we want to deliver it where and when people want it.”


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