Time for summer, time for Food! Food trends on Instagram…

Summertime! The hot days bring out our desire to explore and find new thrills for the taste buds. But our eyes want a piece of the action too, and actually are the most important part of the #foodporn phenomenon—the need to immortalize that special dish in front of us before digging in. Just look at the Instagram stats updated in February 2018 to grasp the extent of the phenomenon. There are almost 150 million posts tagged as food porn—images of burgers, pasta, poke, and any dish that looks good first and tastes good second—to share with the community. And when talking about food porn, of course we need to talk about Millennials, those food enthusiasts on the hunt for high quality ingredients. At least 63% of people between 13 and 32 have posted a picture of something they were eating or drinking at least once, according to research by YPulse, which investigates the habits of Gen Z and Millennials and their relationship with the world of food. Here are some of the food trends of 2018 that will dominate this summer.

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Matcha 2.0: easy being green

What is matcha? It’s a type of green tea originally from China that’s rich in nutritional benefits, and considered a true Superfood. Matcha powder is being used more and more in drinks and to create salads and special dishes. Considered a strong antioxidant, it dominates in Instagram photos thanks in part to the green tint that brightens and adds a dash of wow to any dish.

Poke Passion: a taste of Hawaii

Poke is a raw fish salad common in Hawaii. Made up of diced fish dressed with soy sauce, sesame seeds and various other ingredients, this is a sort of healthy, colorful sushi that can come in lots of forms. It’s marinated and dressed with ingredients ranging from avocado to lime. It’s a trend that’s already conquered America and the UK, and now it’s landing in Italy, especially in Milan. I love Pokè, Matcha Cafe and Botanical Cafe are a few of the names to know in Milan if you want to try good Poke. If you need inspiration, search poke on Instagram. You’ll find it in just about every form imaginable.

Food Jenga: the latest trend on Instagram

There’s a new trend exploding on Instagram, and that’s food Jenga. These photos show playing with your food at its best. You stack different kinds of ingredients of all different shapes and sizes to make a tower. Not just pancakes and crepes, but also brownies, vegetables and fruit. Essentially you need to build a tower with visual impact, alternating shape and color as a play on the classic game. There you have to create an 18-story tower using the 54 wooden pieces stacked in groups of 3. Each player must remove a block and place it on the top without making it fall over—and if you do, you’re out.



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