Cetica red potato

Don’t remove their crisp, tasty skin before roasting them in the oven.


In the small Tuscan town of Cetica in the province of Arezzo, there’s a highly unique tuber with deep roots — both the ones in the ground and the ones in history. Cetica red potatoes are a variety that date back to the early 1800s. It’s said that they began to be cultivated more intensively due to an edict by the ruling family at the start of the 19th century, which came about after a brutal typhoid epidemic and the famine that followed. However, they weren’t just produced for local consumption; they were also used for trade throughout Tuscany. These potatoes can be identified by their oval shape, their deep red color, and their dense white flesh.


Cetica red potatoes are extremely versatile in the kitchen. They work as a filling for tortellini or ravioli, as a base for gnocchi, or simply as a tasty side dish. Cut them into shoestrings and fry them up for the kids. But watch the temperature and cooking time to guarantee you get the right crispy texture.

Did you known

What makes Cetica red potatoes one of a kind is their skin: it’s so delicate and tasty that you don’t need to peel them before cooking. Their low water content and high levels of chlorogenic acid contribute to their bold flavor and the health benefits they provide. To protect this unique product, a consortium was set up in 2005 to promote local niche products in Cetica and the surrounding areas.