Golden delicious apple

A variety with sweet and juicy flesh, perfect for sweet and savory dishes.


Depending on their variety and when they ripen, apples can be a summer, autumn or winter fruit. Golden delicious apples are the most widespread type in Italy and the world. They originated in the United States in the late 1800s from a natural hybrid of the golden pippin and Grimes golden, but they owe their name to the Starks, a family of famous growers. In 1914, a small sample of these lovely apples was sent to the Stark nurseries in Louisiana, and they were praised for the productivity of the plant and easy conservation of the fruit. The Stark family dubbed the yellow apple Golden delicious, with the goal to market them along with another well-known type they already sold called the Stark delicious. They’re now popular around the world but seem to have found their ideal setting in the Valli del Noce. Golden delicious are apples of the highest standards, are the most widely grown in Europe, and are a favorite among Italians: over 50% of the apples they buy are this variety. They’ve found their ideal terrain in the Val di Non and Sole, where 70% of the country’s production occurs.

In the kitchen

You can recognize them instantly by their yellow skin, as well as their crisp sweetness and firm, fragrant flesh. They’re excellent raw, but also work well cooked—whether for desserts like pie, or in creative savory dishes. It’s the ideal variety for making a soft apple cake or strudel. Or for a fun and light snack, try using large, juicy Golden delicious apples to make apple chips. Just remove the core, cut it into circular slices and sprinkle with cinnamon. There’s no need for sugar or syrup, and they’re ready in 10 minutes!

Did you know

Among the best Golden Delicious apples would certainly be those from Val Venosta, a valley in western Alto Adige. The scarcity of rain, almost constant sun more than 300 days a year, and large range in temperature that kills off insects and parasites are factors that, along with the altitude, favorably influence the microclimate of Val Venosta. PGI Golden apples of Val Venosta are characterized by their typical rosy ‘face’ which ensures their authenticity. They are grown with respect the environment. In fact, there’s a ladybug on the sticker—do you know why? In the sunny valley of Alto Adige with its favorable climate, natural anti parasites are preferred. Good insects like ladybugs can help to destroy parasites that are harmful to apples.