Grated lemon peel will make fish even tastier!


The origin of lemon is uncertain, some says that they came from Asia, most likely from China and/or India and it was there 2000 years b.C. It then rapidly spread throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East regions. Because of their sour taste, it wasn’t appreciated by Romans so much but Arabs loved them and the crusaders brought them in the South Italy. The first real cultivation in Europe was in Genova, during the XV century, and from there sailors used to bring it with them to cure scurvy.

Cook It

Lemon is a must to have in the kitchen. It is extremely versatile and for this, it can be used in the preparation of both sweet and savoury dishes, dressing and beverages. Moreover, it contains citric acid, that stop the oxidation of some foods. Take apples: prinkle some lemon on them and they won’t become black!

Did You Know That?

With lemon you can produce energy! If you connect a lemon to electrodes, you can make a small digital clock work! According to Alessandro Volta, a battery to work needs to be made by 2 metals separated by an acid substance…in this case, lemon juice!