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In 12 months Shutterstock blog download data, we learned what types of cuisine are most popular, where food trends are heating up, and which styles of food imagery are on the rise.

Shutterstock has recently released, through its blog, an infographic entirely dedicated to the theme of Food. It focuses on current trends and on analyzing different food experiences from multiple perspectives: from its taste to its visual impact. This new infographic was created by Shutterstock after having analysed and seen the exponential boom in sales during the years of 2013 and 2014 in food photography in the Food & Drinks category.

The trends show and highlight what themes are now trending. Currently, the main ones are: rustic, clean eating and simple classics.

Shutterstock’s food experience

The trend research, that led to the creation of this infographic, was entirely based on analysing which – and how many times – certain images had been downloaded from Shutterstock. Many of these food images and photographs had more than 10.000 downloads each! Every food trend is accompanied by a specific soundtrack especially thought of and made by the famous composer and musician: Olive Musique. Beat, a talented artist, then hand picked each song and associated it with each and every single ingredient and dish.

Photographs, video clips and sountracks blend together perfectly to form a wonderful way of exploring and sharing the world of Food in all its glory and its immense variety of ingredients. It shows how Food is able to bring together entire populations and cultures from around the world.

Every trend is explained by chefs through a storytelling process of each ingredient and recipe. Every ingredient is elevated and made unique by Shutterstock’s colourful and smart way of displaying its information.

The trends of 2015: from healthy food to street food 

Healthy food’s comeback is not only extolled by its natural colourfulness, shape and health benefits but also because, now more than ever with the increase of industrialised and unhealthy food, . Photographs help capture that profound desire to go back to our roots and to look out for the natural beauty and authenticity of each and every product.

In the fruit and vegetable category you can see each ingredient and how they are used and cooked in all the countries around the world. Street food, another trending topic, shows the democratic side of the new and booming Food businesses.

Shutterstock’s infographics provide a proper storytelling experience of food. They start by illustrating the quality of the ingredients, the seasonality of food, the grandeur of simple homemade dishes and the personal experience of chef’s from around the world.

Infographic portray the evolution of the Food business – from tradition to innovation. Shutterstock provides not only photographs and articles but music too. Each playlist is specifically thought of to uplift the experience of cooking certain ingredients. A thought crossed my mind while I was looking at Shutterstock’s infographic, content, images and listening to its music: what’s the future of Food? I think it has to go beyond every common boundary and uplift itself into a dynamic and overwhelming experience that has to go beyond the simple concept of simply “taste”. Food is bound to, sooner or later, embrace each and every one of our 5 senses.




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