Taste blueberry with a white yogurt!


Blueberry, belongs to the Ericacea family, a spontaneous plant that grows in the Northern Hemisphere woods and there are more than 130 species. In Italy, it grows especially in the Alps, Appennines and in the center till 2300 meters. The fruits can be collected from July to August. Used by Romans and Gaul to dye tunics and by Delaware Indians to give color to fabrics and rugs, it was also considered a symbol of hospitality for travelers. It’s typically small, as the plant that it’s usually about 50 cm tall. The only exception can be found in North America, where the plant can be 9mt high.


In Europe, the most famous varieties are the black blueberry, fragrant and sweet, and the red ones, slightly more sour. Perfect to be eaten naturally or in a marmalade, it is largely used to prepare desserts and syrups. It is also perfect to prepare bittersweet dishes, accompanied by meat or fish! Its sweet but slightly sour taste, alleviate the strong taste of the wild game. Try a roasted roe deer with a hint of a nice red wine from Piedmont!

Did you know

In the common imaginary, the blueberry plant is a bush but it’s not completely true… a variety or red berries that mostly grows in US, Canada and Chile, is cultivated in swamps! Yes, the peat bog bottom made of sand, gravel and clay seem to be ideal to grow these fruits! Once the ripening moment arrives, the field is flooded to that the red berries can float and be picked in an easier way.