Pumpkin seeds are the healthy alternative to chips!


Pumpkin is a vegetable with very controversial origins but surely it was known by Egyptians, Greeks and Romans that used to import it from South Asia. It spread among europeans only after the colonization of America but it was never much popular as it was considered a very poor food. Today things changed, thanks to many recipes created with this ingredient.

Cook it

Pumpkin can be used to make soups or it can be diced and roasted or made into a rich and tasty sauce. It is very good marinated or grilled with some salt, oil and chilli. Pumpkin flowers are also very good fried or in an omelette. Also, something very famous especially in USA is pumpkin pie, a typical pie eaten especially during Thanksgiving days.

Did you Know that

Accordingly to their shape and size, pumpkins can be turned into plates, bowls, spoons, and even musical instruments as south american maracas. In Romania, they prefer pumpink seeds rather than chips to eat, and is much healtier. Pumpkin is a colorful ingredient that can be found from September to November