Lautrec pink garlic

A sweet yet bold aroma that’s less aggressive. It even passes the kiss test. Origin This is an elegant product, ...

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Serra dè Conti grass pea

A special variety of grass pea with a less bitter flavor and lower cooking times. Origin Very similar to chickpeas, ...

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Polignano purple carrots

The richness and biodiversity of Puglia can bring color and pizzazz to your dishes. Origin A variety with unique charm, ...

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King oyster mushroom

This king of the Murge has a unique, delicate flavor that enhances other ingredients rather than masking them. Origin Pleurotus ...

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Golden kiwi

Their sweetness makes them a perfect pair for prosciutto and mature cheese. Origin Golden or yellow kiwi are a special ...

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Washington Navel Orange

This variety is seedless with a thin peel, perfect for juicing. Origin The Washington Navel orange is part of the ...

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Romanesco artichoke

A tender variety with no spikes, noted for the traditional recipe “alla romana”. Origin Autumn is the season of healthy ...

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Daikon radish

This fat burning radish from Japan is perfect as an appetizer! Origin The daikon, also known as a white radish ...

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Candonga strawberry

Candonga strawberries: a uniquely Italian delicacy, to eat au natural Origin Candonga strawberries are part of the highly prized Sabrosa ...

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