Sour Cherry

The famous liqueur “Maraschino” is made with the pits of black cherries.


Sour cherry is a cherry variety that comes from Prunus Cerasus, from the Rosacee family. Its origin, as cherry, is traceable to the Middle East Area, in the territories of Armenia and Caucasus and it’s available between May and July. Even they seem to be discovered by General Lucullus, famous in Rome for his banquets. Some written traces of this black cherry are from 1662 in “L’arte di ben cucinare et istruire”, by Bartolomeo Stefan, that wrote about the preparation of sour cherries jam. At the end of the XIX century, Pellegrino Aretusi wrote in his cookbook the recipe for sour cherries pie, different from cherries because they are smaller and taste differently.

Cook it

Black cherries can be eaten on their own, but their tartness makes them great in jams, ice cream and syrups, and added to yogurt and semifreddo desserts to contrast with their sweetness. Unlike regular cherries, these have a very short shelf life once they’re picked, so you’re likely to get them with fewer food miles. That’s not all. They’re also perfect for pairing with savory dishes like risotto with black cherries, a typical Persian recipe, or focaccia with rosemary. Their leaves can be brewed and used as a diuretic.

Did you know

When you buy sour cherries, choose the ones with no dents and with the green stalk still on the fruit…this means they are fresh! They are full of A, B and C vitamins, potassium, anti – inflammatory properties and all this supports blood circulation. And good mood is insured thanks to melatonin!